Penguins, Pudus, Puppies and Polar Bears!

April 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

Following the end of the school holidays, the zoo has quietened down some what this week. And as it happens, so have the animals! There hasn’t been much going on, and of course we can’t guarantee that our animals will always be up to something! But you can read all about what has been happening right here.


The Gentoo penguins have now laid a staggering 90 eggs! Their egg-laying is still continuing, but has slowed down to 1 or 2 eggs a day now. These penguins will not be laying eggs for much longer, but we do expect the first eggs to begin hatching within the next few weeks. Watch this space for more news!


 Coming Soon to Edinburgh Zoo!

Coming Soon to Edinburgh Zoo!


Throughout the year the zoo vets and vet nurses work hard, alongside the keepers, to ensure all of the zoo animals are healthy. In the future, we hope to give you examples of the kinds of work they do with the zoo animals. We start this week with an example from one of the zoo smaller animals, the pudu! On the 14th April, one of our male pudu’s ‘Normski’ underwent investigative dental surgery. Normski was connected to an anaesthetic machine throughout the procedure, as vets examined his mouth using specialist dental tools, and took x-ray images. An equine specialist was called in and he removed small pieces of infected bone from the jaw. Normski is now on antibiotics to see if this will clear the infection. We hope that he will feel much better soon. Look out for him in outside the pudu house, opposite to the monkey house.


 A pudu, the smallest species of deer in the world

A pudu, the smallest species of deer in the world


Our bush dog puppies continue to get stronger and stronger, and have been spotted out in their enclosure, following the adults around, a few times this week. It seems that lunch time is a good time to spot them, so if you are in the zoo at this time why not pop by? Listen out for the high-pitched squeals the pups make when they want to communicate with their mother!


In preparation for her move later on in the year, the polar bear keepers have begun work on her transportation crate. This is the crate Mercedes will stay in during her travel up to the Highland Wildlife Park, and it is important to try and get her accustomed to the crate, before she makes the journey. The crate has been taken from the Rhino enclosure, where it has been sitting for sometime, to get the rhinos accustomed to it (don’t worry, the rhinos aren’t going anywhere just yet, but eventually one of the males will leave Edinburgh Zoo to be replaced by a female). After some modifications have been made to it, to make it suitable for a polar bear (rather than a rhino!), the crate will be placed inside Mercedes enclosure so that she can investigate it for herself. This process of acclimatisation to the crate should help to minimise any stress for Mercedes during the move.


 The crate in question!

The crate in question!


That’s all for this week! Keep posted for more news in the future.



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§ 4 Responses to Penguins, Pudus, Puppies and Polar Bears!

  • robinsaunders says:

    Could you try do a special post when the penguins hatch? As a photographer with an unhealthy penguin obsession I REALLY want to see this as soon as possible!

  • rzss says:

    We will be announcing when the first Gentoo penguins hatch out and hopefully it will be any day now! Watch this space!

  • rose says:

    do pudus lay eggs?

    do the woolly monkeys lay eggs too?

  • rzss says:

    No, neither pudus or woolly monkeys lay eggs. They are both live-bearing mammals. They give birth to live young.

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