Primate Power!

January 20, 2010 § Leave a comment


Edinburgh Zoo holds a huge variety of primate species, and this week, it’s the primates that have been making the news. Here’s what’s been happening…

We are pleased to announce that yet another Guinea baboon has been born on the 2nd December. 13 year old Karroo is the mum to the latest arrival, making this the third surviving youngster to be born at Edinburgh zoo, since the troop moved here last year. None of the youngster have yet been sexed or named, as the troop does a good job of protecting their youngsters and keeping them close! We will let you know when we have an update on the young.

The Guinea baboon troop just keeps on growing!

The younger of our two male L’Hoest’ Monkeys, ‘Kizizi’ has recently been permanently removed from rest of the family group. He is now housed in his own enclosure on the far left corner of the Monkey House. This is because Kizizi is now a mature male. In the wild, L’Hoest’ monkeys typically live in female dominated groups, with just one mature male. When male offspring reach sexual maturity they disperse away from their maternal group. This natural behaviour helps to prevent in-breeding. They will then seek out other female dominated groups to breed with, although they will sometimes only stay with them for short time, such as two weeks. They may spend the rest of their time living solitary.

Kizizi’s old family is made up of a mature male and female, and their young daughter, born this time last year. As Kizizi has now grown up, the mature female is unlikely to tolerate both his and the other mature males presence in her territory. As a result Kizizi has now been moved out. He should adapt relatively well to a solitary lifestyle. However, we do hope that we will be able to pair him with another female in the future.

All by myself!

And finally, we are thrilled to announce that lesser galago (other wise know as a bush baby) twins have been born on the 5th January! This makes another addition to the lesser galago’s recent run of breeding success, following youngsters born in April and August last year. All of the recent offspring have been born to the same set of parents; 6 year olds Bobby and Beatrix. The two youngsters born last year were both male, and so we hope that the newest additions may be female, in order to even out the sex ratio! However, it may be a few months until keepers can get close enough to the twins to identify them, so you will just have to watch this space!

Why not pay the galagos a visit next time you are in the zoo? Their nocturnal enclosure is very effective and they can often be seen bouncing around their enclosure during daylight hours. They will even peer out through the observation slits to get a closer look at you! The babies will be bouncing around before long, but in the meantime, they have been spotted poking their heads out of the nesting box on the right wall of their enclosure!

Another attempt at capturing the bush babies on film!



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