Australian Nature Event

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last weekend RZSS along with Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and ASPS (Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies) celebrated Australian nature. Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th January is Australia Day.

On Saturday at Edinburgh Zoo there was a stamp based Australian Trail where you could learn about how millions of years ago South America, Antarctica and Australia were joined and marsupials lived across this large continent. About 40 million years ago Australia separated. Other (placental) mammals moved from North America into the South and soon most of the marsupials became extinct in South America except for the opossum. In Australia, the marsupials evolved and diversified as no other (placental) mammals lived on the island (apart from bats which could fly across).

At the zoo there are three marsupial species to be seen: koalas; swamp wallabies and potoroos along with many Australian or Australiasian birds. There was a chance to meet the keepers at the koalas and cassowary and a special encounter with White’s tree frogs.

Ian Edwards from the Royal Botanic Garden had a magnificent display and children were able to make paper bag platypus puppets, aboriginal drawings and get free Australian stamps.


On Sunday, the Botanic Garden held the event with a stall from RZSS with kangaroo skull, cassowary feathers and egg, koala fur and our live White’s tree frogs.

Some examples of the stamp display:



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