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August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week at Edinburgh Zoo we were delighted to receive a second pair of marbled polecats, taking our total up to five. Located to the right of the Sun Bears, on the path up from the magic forest, the two new pole cats will joined our existing female and two males named Gizmo and Omari. Marbled pole cats have black and white fur on their faces, but get their name as they have fantastic motley reddish brown, faun and yellow fur on their bodies.

At the Highland Wildlife Park a Snowy owl chick hatched earlier this year took its first flight. Known as an owlet, the dark grey snowy owl chick was hatched to mum Hedwig and dad Heinrich on June 10th. Keepers won’t know the sex of the new little owlet for at least another few weeks. Already though, the fluffy youngster has been making a few attempts at spreading its wings.

Other newly hatched birds at the Highland Wildlife Park are also going from strength to strength. Two Capercaillie chicks were hatched on June 3rd. The biggest species of grouse in the world, I’m told the males weigh twice as much as the females when fully grown and the species are actually nicknamed the ‘horse of the woods’! The birth of these two chicks is fantastic as Capercaillie numbers have reduced drastically over the past few years, so much so that they are one of the most endangered species in the UK.

This week at Edinburgh Zoo there was also an evening talk with one of our carnivore keepers. We’re now taking bookings for an evening gardens talk on Wednesday 14th September. You can find out more about the history of Edinburgh Zoo’s beautiful gardens, about creating a horticulture environment within an animal enclosure, and about growing fruit and vegetables for animal enrichment.

I’ll leave you with some final exciting news, an Edinburgh Zoo shop has just launched on Ebay! There’s a small range just gone live, but we’ll be adding more and more products from next week – we’d be delighted if you could take a look


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