Hats off for Walker the polar bear

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Online admirers of Walker the polar bear have found a special way of showing their affection. Fans of the Highland Wildlife Park’s resident bear have been donating Walker’s favourite toys, plastic hard hats.  

Walker's online admirers have been donating hard hats for him to play with

Head keeper Una Richardson said, “Walker lights up when he sees you coming with a hard hat. Polar bears are naturally very playful animals and Walker is no exception. While he has many toys, including traffic cones and plastic barrels he loves hard hats which he can pounce on and get a hold of with his jaw.

“This enrichment has huge benefits for Walker because it encourages him to develop the natural skills polar bears rely on in the wild to hunt and catch their prey.”   

Una first discovered Walker’s affinity for headgear when volunteers from the Royal Monmouthsire Regiment Territorial Army and the 73 Engineer Squadron Territorial Army visited the park to assist with construction projects.

She said: “Walker showed a huge interest in the volunteer’s hard hats. He totally fixated on a hard hat one of the volunteers was holding, so we thought we would offer him one and see what he did with it.”

Hard hats don't last long around this bear

Since then fans of Walker have been delighted to see photos of this 58 stone bear enjoying these hard hats posted on Facebook and have even started donating them to the Highland Wildlife Park.

Una said: “Hardhats don’t last very long once Walker’s got a hold of them! After two days they are ruined so we are delighted to receive donations to keep up the supply. Some donations have come from people working in construction. Others have come from people who have ordered hats online and donated them to the Park.”

If you are interested in donating a hardhat to Walker please contact the Highland Wildlife Park on 01540 651270 or get in touch via the Highland Wildlife Park Facebook page.

A big thank you from Walker & staff


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