Living Links keeps it in the family

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Where do you fit in on the primate family tree? Staff at the University of St Andrew’s Living Links to Human Evolution research centre based at Edinburgh Zoo hope a new mural will help visitors answer that question.

On Tuesday October 11th Professor Anne Glover, the Cheif Scientific Adviser t the Scottish Government, took prime place among the primates to lauch the mural.  

Professor Anne Glover poses in front of the Living Links mural

Andrew Whiten, Scientific Director of Living Links explained the concept behind the mural, saying, “My Primate Family Tree is a wonderful artistic portrayal of our primate family tree that shows a few representative monkeys and apes, with a space where visitors can pose in the correct evolutionary place for a human, next to our closest relative, the chimpanzee.

“We are encouraging all visitors to photograph each other here. We hope this image will become well known in Scotland and beyond and help people take away the message that we are primates and these monkeys and apes are our closest living relatives. They are ‘living links’ to our evolutionary past, and we can learn much about ourselves from them.”

Pose with the primates at Living Links

Dee Masters, Budongo Trail & Living Links Team Leader at Edinburgh Zoo, added:  “The idea of My Primate Family Tree at Edinburgh Zoo’s Living Links to show how we as humans fit into the primate family and the evolutionary process is fantastic, not only that, the mural is a beautifully painted piece of artwork and a great addition to the Zoo.”

The painted faces on the mural are not the only new additions to Living Links. Staff and researchers are also deligthed to welcome a three week old brown capuchin baby.

This baby brown capuchin is one of the new arrivals at Living Links


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