Ground Cuscus arrive at Edinburgh Zoo’s Magic Forest.

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you go down to Edinburgh Zoo’s Magic Forest you could meet our Ground Cuscus!

Ground Cuscus

Ground Cuscus

For the first time Edinburgh Zoo’s new pair of Ground Cuscus will go on view to the public. 6 year old Bruce the male and 3 year old Aru the female have been part of the Zoo’s animal collection for a few months, but have just gone on public display.

Ground Cuscus are marsupials, meaning the females have a pouch for carrying their young in once they are born. Most recognisable for their large eyes and ears which are perfect for night-time tree foraging, Ground cuscus also enjoy a bit of sunlight and can often be seen catching a warming ray or two.

Ground Cuscus

Donald Gow, Primate and Hoofstock keeper at Edinburgh Zoo said “We’re excited to be showing the Ground Cuscus to Zoo visitors for the first time since they arrived in our collection.  Bruce and Aru seem to be getting on really well together thankfully, because if they weren’t we would know all about it! Ground Cuscus are known to hiss and even bark at other members of their species if they don’t quite see eye to eye. Things are going really smoothly with the pair so far, so we’re extremely hopeful they will breed together – it’s just a case of fingers crossed!”


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