HWP Kittens have the lynx effect!

October 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Visitors to Highland Wildlife Park are feeling the Lynx effect brought on by two little Northern Lynx kittens.

Photo by Alex Riddell

The four month old feline twins have been starting to explore their enclosure and are practicing their pouncing when it comes to feeding time. The youngsters who have yet to be sexed and named by keepers, are the first litter of mum and dad, Dimma and Switch who both arrived at the Park in February this year.

Una Richardson, head keeper at Highland Wildlife Park, said:

“It’s fantastic news for us that Dimma and Switch have successfully bred – they are proving real naturals when it comes to rearing their youngsters.  They are the first lynx kittens to be born at the Highland Wildlife Park in over 20 years.

“At four months old, now is about the usual time that kittens would really start to venture out more and more under the watchful eye of their mother. At feeding time it’s great to watch them copy their parents, and pounce on their food – it is always rewarding to see our animals practising their natural behaviours, as they would learn hunting techniques from watching mum in the wild.

“It will be a little while longer before we are able to sex them, and find out if they are male or female, and then it will be down to the keepers to name them. These feisty and playful cats are always a real favourite amongst visitors to the Park, and we always looking forward to seeing what they get up to next!”

In the wild Northern Lynx are believed to be the type of lynx found historically in Scotland. The Highland Wildlife Park specialises in Scottish animal species, both past and present, and species that are adapted to cold weather – so welcoming these new born Northern Lynx to the Park is almost like welcoming this species back to the Highlands and their Scottish roots!


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