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October 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

When I arrived at my office about three months ago people mentioned the weather and smiled knowingly about rain and darker evenings. Now I understand…but I am really enjoying being here and my new role and the weather is fine! I am still exploring and listening and gaining early impressions. Many good impressions, dedicated people and exciting ideas; a lot to do, but enormous potential.

Visitors to the monkey house at Edinburgh Zoo will be able to spot the newest addition to the family group of L’Hoest’s monkeys. The youngster who is just over three weeks old is the second baby born to Tumbili and Kizizi since they were introduced to each other back in 2010. Protective female Tumbili and the baby will be inseparable for a few more months to come, although this little one seems to be rather adventurous and can’t wait to explore the enclosure. These primates are native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda and are well known for their unusual large orange eyes and white beard. Edinburgh Zoo is responsible for managing the European breeding programme for this impressive species and this youngster will grow up to play an important part in helping to secure these animals for the future.

The Highlands received their first flurry of snow this week, a sign that winter isn’t too far off now, making the Highland Wildlife Park the perfect place for cold weather adapted species such as the pack of European grey wolves. As you know Elara and Puika, welcomed five wolf pups in May and several competitions were held to find names for these lively youngsters. Now the fivesome are over four months old and, although they haven’t as yet been sexed, all have been named the quints are called Roma, Socks, Ruby/Reuben, Forty and Rannoch. These not so little pups are definitely worth a visit on your next trip to the Park.

Photo by Nadine Little

It’s been a bumper year for births at Scottish Beaver Trial, the five year project started back in 2009 that sees the trial reintroduction of beavers back to Scottish waters. the results from this project – the first official project of its kind in Britain – will help to determine the future of beavers in Scotland. On top of the three new arrivals at Dubh Loch earlier this year, after reviewing camera footage the team were excited to spot another kit. This time the kit is that of first time parents Trude and Eoghann, and after an initial health check, the female kit is said to be doing extremely well and is proving to be quite curious. For more information on this exciting project please visit

As many of you will know, the 22nd July 2013 sees Edinburgh Zoo celebrate a milestone in its history when it turns 100 years old! As part of the centenary celebrations we are offering the chance to design a stamp to help mark this special occasion. You can choose your favourite animal to incorporate into your design or even draw something that represents 100 years of the Zoo. The competition closes on 1st November 2012, so you still have plenty of time to get your thinking caps on. For fuller details on this competition please visit

Until next week,

Best, Chris


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