Arktos and Walker’s Birthday Bash

December 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Walker-Birthday Treat

Walker – Photo by Jan Morse

The Highland Wildlife Park is throwing a special joint 5th and 4th birthday party for two very special animal residents – as the UK’s only polar bears on public display, Arktos and Walker, turn another year older!

Walker welcomed his new polar play pal, Arktos, earlier this year and ever since both bears have become inseparable. Keepers quickly realised that for their first birthdays together, only one thing would do…a joint polar party, fit for these two boisterous boys in their six acre bachelor pad enclosure!

At over 450kg each, making them amongst the largest four and five year olds in the Highlands, these youngsters still have a little more growing left to do. Growing boys need their food, so to mark their fourth and fifth birthdays keepers have constructed two cakes, the ice cakes are complete with fish and topped with a few tasty sardines as an extra birthday treat, that are sure to go down well with the birthday boys themselves.

Douglas Richardson, Animal Collection Manager at Highland Wildlife Park, said:

Arktos Birthday Treat

Arktos – Photo by Jan Morse

“There is a slight age gap between the boys, Arktos is now five and Walker is just a year younger at four years old. They quickly built up a strong bond from the word go, taking to each other extremely well and since that initial introduction last April they have been spending the vast majority of their time together. They can often be spotted splashing and swimming in their pond, wrestling playfully and even feeding nose to nose – they definitely have a healthy competitive relationship that you’d expect from two young bears.

“There are only a few days between their individual birthdays, so for their first birthday together we thought it would only be fitting to throw them a joint birthday party. Walker and Arktos both love their food, and this means they can sometimes get a bit feisty if one is getting fed before the other. However to stop any food envy the birthday bears will be able to sink their teeth into their very own birthday ice cakes filled with lots of different fish and topped with some of their favourite treats, including sardines.

“They are both still sub-adults and it won’t be for around another two years or so before both males are fully grown and sexually mature. But as male polar bears are much more sociable there is still many years of wrestling and chasing one another for these young polar bears to come!”


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