Zoo’s bird box cam update

May 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

To help us celebrate the ‘Year of Natural Scotland’ we have set up a bird box camera alongside our popular zoo webcams.

However with the cold weather of March and the slow start to spring, you may have noticed that things are a little late this year with leaves on trees only just starting to open in the last few weeks and flowers that would normally have bloomed and died by now, still in full swing. The lateness of spring is also reflected in our garden birds with many birds nesting late this year such as the blue tits in out nest box webcam. The birds are around 2 weeks blue_titbehind last year with the first egg of 2013 laid on the 3rd of May. The clutch now stands at 7 and the female (who carries out all the incubation) has been sitting tight for over a week. With the average incubation of 14 days the first chick should hatch by the 24th of May. At the moment the female can be seen leaving the nest for a few minutes every hour or so to feed but once the chick’s hatch both parents should be seen entering and exiting the box with plenty of caterpillars for the hungry brood.

Last year the long period of wet weather meant that the adults found it hard to forage for enough food and unfortunately the nest failed.

Hopefully this year we’ll have a spell of dry warm weather and the adults can bring in the 700 caterpillars a day it takes to feed the whole brood.

You can follow our blue tits live at http://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/birdbox.html


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