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July 11, 2014 § Leave a comment


Well the weather this week has been wonderful and the animals at Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park have been making the most of the glorious sunshine.

In the Highlands the two northern lynx cubs are starting to venture out. Born to female Dimma and male Switch (please do excuse the names – they came to us with these already in place!), the cubs born on 24 May and are now seven weeks old. Visitors have been catching their first glimpses of the pair this week.

Keeper’s also managed to capture the very first picture of our six Pallas’s cat kittens. Born on 30 March to female Alula and male Beebop, the kittens looks rather sizeable already. They are now around three and a half months old. The story of the science behind their conception appeared in one of my earlier blogs. Currently off show until they are around five months old, it is important to keep them secluded as the species young are highly susceptible to toxoplasmosis.

14.08.06_PallasCat_Kittens_DBStill with cats, our two Scottish wildcat kittens born on the 11 April to Betty and Hamish have been named Vaa and Gynack. Both females, their names are in-keeping with all kittens born at the Highland Wildlife Park being named after Lochs.

Both Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park have both had Eastern kiang foals. Two were born on the 21 and 22 June at the Park and can be seen in the entrance reserve, and one was born at the Zoo on 24 June. We know already that one of the Park’s foals, born to Boshay, is male.

Kiang foal at Edinburgh Zoo by Sharon Hatton

Kiang foal at Edinburgh Zoo by Sharon Hatton

In Edinburgh, Mya the Goeldi’s monkey gave birth to a healthy infant just seven days ago in the Magic Forest. Mabanja the crowned lemur gave birth to twins early this week in the Monkey House and both doing well so far. This is her first birth and a first breeding of this beautiful species for us so we are all delighted.

Last but not least, I cannot end without mentioning one of our most high profile potential births…

Of course earlier this week we confirmed that giant panda Tian Tian has conceived. However, with pandas this is not as straightforward as it may sound as the species practice delayed implantation. Technically pregnancy has not yet occurred in Tian Tian as her embryo has not yet implanted into the womb, when this occurs pregnancy has commenced. Pandas have very short pregnancies, so if all remains well, she could give birth at the end of August. Timings are very approximate and this is very early days right now, but Tian Tian is very relaxed and in excellent health. When we know more I will update you all.


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