Giant Armadillo Project Update

October 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

From Arnaud Desbiez, Conservation Project Manager.

On the 29-30 July the Giant Armadillo Project (RZSS) and the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative (IPE) held a workshop to address the threat that roads in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul are posing to biodiversity. The RZSS and IPE conducted a one year study monitoring the species encountered on the three main roads twice a month. These roads cover over 1000km in the whole state and the results were horrifying, with 1,124 carcasses of medium to large mammals found.

Ten most common species encountered on the roads between April 2013 and March 2014

Species Found Total
Crab eating fox 286
Six banded armadillo 252
Giant Anteater 136
Southern Tamandua 120
Capybara 108
Nine banded armadillo 82
Tapir 36
Racoon 30
Deer 16
Coati 14
Total 1080
Giant anteater

Giant anteater

During the workshop over 30 participants gathered together including NGOs, universities, the animal rehab center where the injured animals are taken to, firemen, environmental police and a company that will be building a new road. Most importantly, the meeting was supported by the Center of Road Ecology located in the University of Lavras.

As a result of the workshop a group called Estradas Vivas MS was created and a proposal is being written to continue the work started by RZSS and IPE. Furthermore the consortium that will be building a new road in the state will use results from the study to apply mitigation measures, such as creating tunnels under the new road for animals to use. New radars are also being deployed on one of the roads monitored, to try and reduce the speed of the vehicles traveling along it. The group will work hard so that results from this project are translated into policy change and that the mitigation measures are taken.

Giant Armadillo (Priodontes maximus) Wild, Pantanal, Brazil

Giant armadillo by Kevin Schafer

If you would like to help to support the RZSS Giant Armadillo Project in the Pantanal, Brazil, why not join us on Friday 3 October for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society comedy night.

Cute and cuddly animals get all the attention – so it’s time to redress the balance and things are guaranteed to get ugly as six comedians each champion a different endangered animal that challenge the laws of attraction to the very core! Profits from this event will go to support the RZSS Giant Armadillo Project and Regional Coordinator, Arnaud Desbiez will be joining us for this event.


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