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October 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

I returned from my travels earlier this week to lovely news about some of the most popular arrivals at Highland Wildlife Park this year. Scottish wildcat kittens, Vaa and Gynack are six months old tomorrow and are now around half the size of their mother. Each month they are gradually becoming more independent and are picking up all the natural behaviours shown by parents Betidh and Hamish, particularly at feeding time.

14_5_16_Wildcat_2_jpBoth parents are considered to be of ‘high purity’ in terms of their lack of hybridisation with the domestic cat. We understand this from results of a DNA test recently developed by RZSS, as part of the Scottish Wildcat Conservation Action Plan (SWCAP), which now allow us to distinguish animals with a high level of hybridisation. The SWCAP is backed by a wide range of partners in government and NGOs and RZSS has a key role in the programme to lead on genetic management, animal husbandry and to inform and engage the public through the presence of cats at Highland Wildlife Park. The animals on display at Highland Wildlife Park are of varying levels of ‘purity’ as all Scottish wildcats might now be hybridised with domestic cats to different degrees. Animals in the captive breeding programme that show very high levels of hybridisation have been neutered and are on display in zoos around the UK and playing a very important role in Scottish wildcat education – the responsible thing to do to prevent further dilution of this great native species.

Last week, Edinburgh Zoo welcomed Dr. Arnaud Desbiez, RZSS Latin America Coordinator and Dr. Fred Baweteera, Director of the Budongo Conservation Field Station who, I have been told, gave a couple of enlightening talks. Arnaud gave an overview of the RZSS Giant Armadillo Project in the Pantanal in Brazil as part of last week’s adult education class on mammals and as mentioned in my last blog, Fred spoke at an information evening about a trip to Uganda.


Students from Lasswade High School

I’m delighted that tomorrow RZSS, in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover China, will be giving ten local children from Lasswade High School in Midlothian the trip of a lifetime! They are jetting off to the remote Bifengxia Panda Reserve in the Sichuan Province of China as part of the RZSS Giant Panda Project. At the Reserve they will see some of the newest giant panda cub arrivals and hear more about conservation efforts to combat the decline of the species. The school children will conclude their trip by heading to the contrasting, metropolitan city of Shanghai for an exchange with Chinese families. 14_09_04_ChileanFlamingo_chick_kp_1_webWe must also remember that it’s rainy season in China; the pupils are well prepared for a little downpour and are bringing RZSS and Jaguar Land Rover China waterproof jackets especially for the occasion.

Back in Scotland, if you are planning an autumnal walk through Edinburgh Zoo I recommend your first stop is at the flamingo enclosure where you’ll be able to spot five chicks, varying in height and age, amongst the long legs of their parents.

A September to remember. An October full of splendor. A November to treasure.

~La Prevenchere


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