Going Wild about Scotland through November

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Wild about Scotland in Stranraer at the Clydesdale Bank

Wild about Scotland in Stranraer at the Clydesdale Bank

The ‘Wild about Scotland’ Educational Bus’ third month on the road has come to a close. A partnership with Clydesdale Bank, the interactive classroom visited 17 schools over the month – they started down in Dumfries and Galloway, then made their way up to Perth and Kinross before continuing to Angus. Along the way, the bus stopped at Glamis Castle and a couple of Clydesdale branches.

Wild about Scotland at Glamis Castle

Wild about Scotland at Glamis Castle

Throughout the month, the bus engaged 420 students with native Scottish wildlife. The winter weather began to set in over November and many of the little creatures for the mini-beast lessons went into hibernation. In the middle of November, the mini-beast session was replaced with our ‘Beavers & Wildcats’ programme for the winter months. The ‘Beavers’ lesson encourages children to consider what they have learnt about the mammal and decide whether they would like it to be re-introduced or not. ‘Wildcats’ looks at the threats facing the Scottish wildcat, how to identify the species and what can be done to protect it..

This programme has been very popular with the children of Colliston Primary School:

“It was fun to see how hard it is to build a dam for a beaver.”
“I liked the skulls best.”
“The bus is cool!”

Leopard slugMini-beast of the Month’:

Leopard slug

This slug was found by Kelloholm Primary School, Dumfries and Galloway.

Did you know that Leopard Slugs have a small disc of shell inside their body? Most slugs evolved from snails and this disc is a remnant shell.

BrodieKnowsBestBrodie Knows Best!

Brodie the toy beaver is the bus mascot and helps children learn all about beavers and their habitat

To get ready for winter beavers start food caching (hoarding) which they store under the water (to keep it fresh) close to their lodge – like storing it in a refrigerator!

Driver-with-antlersFrom the Driver’s Seat….

Each month our ‘Wild about Scotland’ bus driver David gives you a wee insight into what it’s like to drive our double decker the length and breadth of Scotland.

“Inchture Primary School, 28 November – the day I refused the Head Teacher entry to her own school!

“I had successfully got through the schools’ security system to enter the building and was now leaving again via the security doors, when a young lady (a total stranger to me) walks past me to enter the school. I stop her from entering and ask her who she was and the purpose of her visit as she could have been anyone and the security system is there for a reason. Her reply “I am the Head teacher here, this is my school”! I apologised and explained the reason for my stance. She paused for thought then thanked me for doing the right thing… How was I to know?!”

Top Teacher Comments and Tweets

“A member of our group who has complex issues and does not always find school easy was fully engaged in all the activities, the pupil even asked questions and said ‘This is amazing!’ High praise indeed!”- Coupar Angus Primary

“All the pupils enjoyed the tasks at all the stations but the wildcat skulls and beaver tracks were especially popular and captured the imagination of our pupils. Excellent presenters who involved all pupils throughout.” – Alyth Primary School

“The practical session followed by investigative work was successful because children were motivated and engaged throughout. The session made effective use of the school wildlife garden.” –Creetown Primary School

Next Month – December

The bus heads for:

North Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, Perth & Kinross, East Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh City and West Lothian.


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