Going Wild about Scotland through December

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Brodie and Gillespie build a ‘Hailman!’

Brodie and Gillespie build a ‘Hailman!’

Whilst Edinburgh was battered with snow showers back in early December, the Wild about Scotland team were fighting against strong winds and hail (enough even for Brodie and Gillespie to build a ‘Hailman’). A storm had set in over Scotland, but fortunately we have heating on the bus so we were still cosy. December saw the team keep fairly close to home, just in case the winter weather took a turn for the worst.

Our bus managed to visit Clydesdale Bank branch in Irvine.

Our bus managed to visit Clydesdale Bank branch in Irvine.

We visited Perth & Kinross, West Lothian, East Dunbartonshire, all over Ayrshire and close by Edinburgh. In that time we visited 11 schools and even managed to squeeze in a photograph at a Clydesdale Bank branch in Irvine. So far we have visited 53 schools in 17 local authorities and taught 1,918 pupils!

Crime scene task in our Wildcat lesson - ‘Who done it?’

Crime scene task in our Wildcat lesson – ‘Who done it?’

Beaver and Scottish Wildcat lessons continued throughout the month and further developed the investigation and observation skills of the pupils coming aboard. A particular highlight for the pupils of St. Winnings Primary School in North Ayrshire was the workshop designed to get the pupils thinking about persecution of Scottish Wildcats. The station is set up as a crime scene and allows the pupils to look through evidence to work out which animal stole and ate chickens from a fictional farm in the Cairngorms. A teacher wrote ‘…all the pupils were actively engaged and loved the group tasks – particularly the crime scene task.’

Brodie Knows Best!

BrodieKnowsBestBrodie the toy beaver is the bus mascot and helps children learn all about beavers and their habitat

Beaver lodges are very different from dams. Dams are built to block flowing water and flood areas so the beavers can move around safely in water. Lodges on the other hand are used as a safe shelter and have at least two chambers, which include areas for feeding and sleeping.

From the Driver’s Seat….

Bus driver DaveEach month our ‘Wild about Scotland’ bus driver David gives you a wee insight into what it’s like to drive our double decker the length and breadth of Scotland.

When I was made aware of my successful application for the Wild about Scotland bus driver back in August I decided to do a little research into the origins of our double decker, as I am a huge bus enthusiast. I found out that the bus was bought new by Stagecoach in 1996 and ended its working life in 2014 at their Kilmarnock garage painted in designated school bus colours. To my delight we were to spend a week in the Kilmarnock area during December and were allowed to park the bus in the Stagecoach garage where our bus was based.

Our bus meets its sisters in Kilmarnock before a day on the road

Our bus meets its sisters in Kilmarnock before a day on the road

I have taken some photographs of our bus parked next to its sisters still in their school livery (note the registration numbers as they run in sequence) as 5 were bought and delivered to Stagecoach on the same day in 1996. Our bus is now having Kilmarnock pupils on board for lessons who could have travelled to school on it last year. All the local Stagecoach drivers acknowledged their old bus with a hearty wave every time we passed by.

Top Teacher Comments and Tweets

Hands on approach/interactive session engaged children.’ Abernethy Primary

‘Children were able to achieve success—Suitable for abilities of all children.’ Boghall Primary

‘The quality of the discussion was to a high standard’ St Winnings Primary

‘Pupils were using active learning strategies. They were engaged through investigation from start to finish.’ Shortlees Primary.


Next Month – January

First up for 2015 are Edinburgh, Fife, East Renfrewshire, West Lothian, Glasgow and South Lanarkshire so keep your eyes peeled for Brodie in a town near you!


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